Revisões sistemáticas e meta-análise

Systematic Reviews & Meta-Analysis: A meta-analysis is a statistical analysis that combines the results of multiple scientific studies.

The premise behind meta-analyses is that there are common truths behind all conceptually similar scientific studies, but which can been measured with a certain error within individual studies. Dr. Alex Jimenez aims to use approaches from statistics to derive a pooled estimate closest to the unknown common truth based on how this error is perceived. In short, all existing methods yield a measured average from the results of the individual studies and what differs is the manner in which these measured weights are allocated and also the manner in which the uncertainty is computed around the point estimate thus generated.

In addition, our team has compiled studies to provide an estimate of the unknown common truths.�Systematic Reviews & Meta-Analysis has the capacity to contrast results from different studies and identify patterns among study results, sources of disagreement among those results, or other interesting relationships that may come to light in the context of multiple studies. For us, this compilation of data extraction presents to the reader insight from a broad range of data compilations. For this reason, Meta-Analysis derived from good data stands strong under scrutiny if the interpretation is unbiased. If you have any questions regarding the meta-analysis data compiled here, please feel free to speak directly to Dr. Alexander D. Jimenez D.C.,C.C.S.T at 915-850-0900.

Manipulação e imunidade: resposta imediata da OMS e do WFC

Quiropraxia e imunidade: uma análise e mandato da Mini-Meta Analysis científica imediata pela Federação Mundial de Quiropraxia e OMS. Saiba mais

Março 19, 2020

Orientações de saúde para lesões no trabalho para lombalgia em El Paso, TX

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20 Abril , 2018

Diretrizes de tratamento e tratamento para lombalgia em El Paso, TX

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19 Abril , 2018

Diretrizes de tratamento de chicotada em El Paso, TX

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17 Abril , 2018

Orientações de tratamento de cefaléia quiroprática em El Paso, TX

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4 Abril , 2018

Eficácia da atenção plena em hérnia de disco e ciática em El Paso, TX

A dor lombar crônica é a segunda causa mais comum de incapacidade nos Estados Unidos. Aproximadamente 80 por cento de ... Saiba mais

Março 14, 2018

Intervenções Mindfulness no Tratamento da Dor Crônica em El Paso, TX

Stress has become a new standard in today's society, however, a huge proportion of the United States population has experienced… Saiba mais

Março 12, 2018

Técnicas de gerenciamento de estresse para dor crônica em El Paso, TX

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Março 9, 2018

Gerenciamento de estresse e tratamento quiroprático em El Paso, TX

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Março 8, 2018

Especialista em lesões, traumatismos e reabilitação da coluna vertebral

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